Brain Health

Does your child exhibit any of these symptoms?

  • 30051818_10155561965893553_3691676694634058550_o.pngDifficulty with concentration,
  • Memory issues,
  • Seasonal issues,
  • Moodiness,
  • and poor sleep patterns.

Want a natural way to help? Consider Omegas!

“…Some studies have shown that fish oil supplements can improve children’s literacy  levels. In one study, children showed significant gains in their reading and vocabulary after just three months of fish oil supplementation.” (Read more here.)

But are you worried about mercury in fish? Where the oil is sourced? What’s a “clean” option for your child? I know I was so worried about getting my own unconventional ADHD kid just the right supplements that I was ordering them by the case from the NORTH SEA. (Because I read that the water is cleaner there?!)

Do you know what the REAL solution is? A vegan source. I found the perfect source for my child’s complete omega supplement and I’m excited to share it with you!

Just as with any clean, natural supplements, it takes time to see results, so I recommend messaging me about a 60 day program to get your child on board and see if omegas improve their focus, attention, and reading.

Message me here for more info on how I can support your child’s nutritional and academic needs:



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