Gut Health

29872315_10155542131118553_9111312682702351051_oYou have probably been hearing a LOT about “gut health” or your “microbiome” in the media lately — and for good reason! The health of our gut (and our children’s guts!) can make or break our emotional, learning, and health experiences in life. Let’s give our children the best help to make sure their gut is operating at an optimal level. Not sure how your child’s micro biome impacts overall health? Watch this video?

If your child has a “suite” of health or learning issues, there is a very good chance their gut is out of balance. I recommend that my clients begin probiotic therapy with enzymes that remove accumulated bad bacteria from the gut first, before introducing the “right” gut bacteria for your child. Ask me about a plan on how we can get your child on a program to restore their optimal happiness and health through natural enzymes and probiotics.

The probiotic therapy plan varies by child and requires my guidance, so do reach out to me at:  for more information.