Nutritional Support

We all know that our child’s nutrition impacts their brain development and ability to learn. Looking at your child’s reading or overall academic or behavioral struggles through a holistic lens can really help!


It’s important to go over what your child eats (and drinks!) throughout the week. Make some notes. What do you notice? Are they eating too many gluten-laden snacks? Drinking fruit juices? (Hint: Neither are good for them! And gummy snacks are the WORST!)

After you log your child’s intake for a few days, you’ll probably find that you need some help for them to get all of what they need each day to think and act their best. So, my suggestion would be to work with a good vitamin and probiotic combination.

The idea is to support your child’s

  • active growth and development
  • healthy brain function
  • immune defense system
  • digestive health
  • vision and overall eye health
  • strong teeth and bones

Wondering which is the right vitamin to ensure your children are getting what they need each day? Message me at for information on the right way to begin your child’s new vitamin or probiotic routine. Let’s get their brains functioning properly from the inside out!