Is your child struggling with reading? Falling behind?

Word BuildingIf your child is struggling with reading, we are here to help.

What we offer:

  • Reading help for ages 4 and up.
  • Innovative teaching methods. Phono-Graphix is research proven.
  • Fun lessons that your child will enjoy — and reading success from the very first session.
  • Tutoring in your home. It should not be a struggle to get your child to tutoring!
  • Flexibility to match your family’s busy schedule.

Traditional methods for teaching reading do not work for every child. We use the Phono-Graphix method to teach reading. To read more about the Phono-Graphix difference, visit their website.

Email us for more information and to set up a consultation:

One thought on “Is your child struggling with reading? Falling behind?

  1. Stefani Soles says:

    Hi there! I’m trying to get some information. My daughter (9), even tho she has been in gifted classes for the last 2 years Is still struggling with reading. I’m looking for a little help. Thanks So Much

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